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Family Law

We have been helping people to resolve their family disputes for over 40 years. Our approach is always to recommend timely contractual agreements. In cases of conflict, we initially attempt to reach out-of-court settlements and frequently hold direct talks with the other side.

If all attempts to settle out of court fail, we represent our clients before the relevant local courts and higher regional courts throughout Germany. As an alternative, we also offer impartial mediation for spouses and long-term partners.

We advise and represent clients in all family law-related matters, including:

  • Separation
  • Maintenance for children, spouses or partners as well as members of patchwork families
  • Joint and sole custody of legitimate and illegitimate children
  • Visitation rights
  • Apportionment of assets and liabilities (property, rented property, house contents, etc.)
  • Settlements for gains
  • Apportionment of accrued gains, separation of estates, joint property
  • Legal maintenance settlements
  • Advantages and disadvantages of divorce
  • Divorce procedures (process, costs)
  • Divorce and taxes (e.g. limited tax splitting)
  • Divorce and inheritance law
  • European marriage and family law

In order to avoid conflicts in the first place, we also draw up prenuptial agreements and contracts for non-marital relationships or registered civil partnerships that are individually tailored to the particular situation in question.

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